Residential Solar

  • Residential Solar

    Adds value to your home and is an extremely secure investment.

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With generous government rebates still available, it makes all the sense to add solar to your premises. Considering the rapid rise in energy prices, adding solar to your home allows to create free electricity to be used throughout your premises. The plus in doing this is energy from the sun is an abundant resource that is ethical and environmentally friendly.

  • Reduces your electricity bill so you save money.
  • You get a government rebate which subsidises the cost of the system.
  • Is environemntally friendly because it reduces need on fossil fuels.
  • Energy prices continue to rise, so you are securing yourself against them.
  • You can store the power and use it at night.

Our Product Range

Our product range is one of the most extensive in the Australian market with a focus on meeting the needs of different types of consumers. Our range incorporates some of the biggest selling names throughout the world and if there’s a product you want we will try our best to offer it or something in its vicinity.

The products are generally divided into three categories(saver, premium and platinum) so that you can have ample choice when choosing the right system for you.

3kw Solar System

WA.Energy SM3KW Small Solar System Solution

5kw Solar System

WA.Energy SM3KW Solar System Solution

6kw Solar System

WA.Energy SM3KW Solar System Solution

10kw Solar System

WA.Energy SM3KW Large Solar System Solution