Commercial Solar

A business can enjoy yearly savings by going solar for nothing at all.

Solar power for business is one of the most exciting and practical options that a business can implement for a variety of reasons. Whether to reduce every day running costs, have a secure return on investment, enhance corporate image or reap the tax benefits, commercial solar is suitable for almost any business type large or small.

WA Energy commercial solution

Connectting to Electricity

Meter Changeover

Government & Council Approvals


Procurement & Sale of ETC

Feasibility Study

WA Energy Commercial Advantage

WA Energy offers energy management and commercial solar services across Australia. Our offer to you is that we are breaking the status quo in the solar industry. We are exceeding the benchmarks in innovation whilst providing high value solutions that meet your businesses needs.

Lease your property?

Our Smart Solar is ideal for tenants who don’t own the building or the land.

Start saving today and make the smart business choice.